How to Install Python

Python is very easy to install on any computer like windows or MAC.There are two ways you can use python IDLE or Shell which is command window provided by python or you can you PyCharm IDE. PyCharm is a cross-platform editor developed by JetBrains. Pycharm provides all the tools you wish for productive Python development.

Below are the careful steps for putting Python and PyCharm together

Installing Python

Step 1) To download and install Python visit the official website of Python and choose latest version for mac and windows. We have chosen Python version 3.6.3.

Step 2) Once the transfer is complete, run the exe to install Python. Now click on Install Now.

Step 3) Now you will be able to see Python installing at this point.

Step 4) After Successful installation  you can see the success msg. below

Now you are done with installing python on your can access and run your first python programme using command line tool from you windows or mac system.Here we are going to work with IDE so we are installing PyCharm IDE (recommended).

Installing Pycharm

Step 1) To download PyCharm visit the website and Click the “DOWNLOAD” link under the Community Section (recommended).

Step 2) Once the download is completed, run the exe to install PyCharm. The setup wizard should have started. Click “Next” and follow the instruction, its very simple and also given below of this post.

Step 3) On the following screen, Change the installation path if required. Click “Next” keep in default installation path(recommended).

Step 4) On the next screen, you can create a desktop shortcut if you want and click on “Next” or you can skip.

Step 5) Choose the start menu folder. Keep selected JetBrains and click on “Install”.

Step 6) Wait for the installation to finish.

Step 7) Once installation finished, you should receive a message screen that PyCharm is installed. If you want to move and run it, click the “Run PyCharm Community Edition” box first and click “Finish”.

Step 8) After you click on “Finish,” the Following screen will appear and you are done with the installation of python on your machine.

With this we are done with the installation of python in simple steps.Now you should follow to the next tutorial and keep going with python learning.

If you have any query you can comment below and also contact us for any other support from solutionsaid community.

How to Install Python

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